Gas Boilers in Ottawa

Lennox Gas BoilerOttawa gas boilers, also known as hydronic heating systems, work by heating a water supply and circulating it through radiators in different rooms in your home. While some circulate steam, others move hot water throughout your home. As the water cools down, it returns to the boiler and is reheated.

Ottawa gas boilers offer significant advantages to homeowners.

1. Gas Boilers can help eliminate “cold spots,” especially in larger homes.

Larger homes often have problems with hot or cold air not reaching certain rooms. As is often the case, the bedrooms don’t get enough heating, leaving homeowners shivering in the cold Ottawa winters.

This happens because hot air dissipates to some degree as it travels through vents. However, because the heat from Ottawa gas boilers is circulated as a steady hot water supply in a series of pipes, there is less heat loss than in forced air systems. Furthermore, homeowners don’t have to pile on the blankets to get a decent night’s sleep.

2. Dust-Free Heating

BoilerA boiler system might be for you if you’re concerned about dust. As a closed-loop water-based system, boilers don’t move dust around your home like forced air systems do. This is particularly handy if you have allergies, asthma or environmental sensitivities.

Our Ottawa boilers don’t introduce new air into a room or blow existing air around. Instead, the heat radiates outwards from the radiator. This eliminates the problem of dust being generated from your heating system.

3. Even and Customizable Heat

Instead of introducing hot air into a room through a vent, boilers infuse the air with heat. And because heat is introduced differently than forced air systems, it is evenly distributed throughout your home.

It’s also easy to create different heat zones with a boiler system. Different home sections can be turned on or off, and specific zones can be set to different temperatures.

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