Gas Furnaces for Ottawa Homeowners

Choosing the Right Gas Furnaces

Lennox FurnaceGas furnaces in Ottawa can mean the difference between comfort and cold. It’s not an exaggeration to say that owning a great furnace can greatly impact your life, especially in this city.

This city is notorious for its fluctuating temperatures: one day, it’s -10C, and the next, it’s -40C. That fluctuation puts plenty of pressure on your gas furnace—Ottawa is a city that demands quality furnaces.

Which is why you need Reliable Home Environment on your side. Not only do we offer high-quality furnace service, but we also sell and install some of the highest-quality gas furnaces in Ottawa. Our Lennox brand gas furnaces have special features—like accurate temperature controls and lifetime warranties—designed to keep your home warm and comfortable, even in the toughest Ottawa winters.

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Lennox Furnaces for Better Heating

Lennox Premier DealerWe are a Lennox Premier Dealer™, so you know that you’re getting the best quality Lennox gas furnace installation in Ottawa.

But why are Lennox furnaces so highly regarded? It’s largely because of the quality of their parts. Lennox furnaces are made with extremely high-quality materials and are built to last a lifetime, hence their lifetime warranties.

They also carry special additional features that are unique to Lennox furnaces. These include:

  • Precise Comfort™ Technology: Lennox furnaces automatically adjust airflow and heat output to account for temperature variation in the home. The technology is so sensitive that it can detect and compensate for variations as small as 1%. That means that you always feel completely comfortable in your home.
  • Silent Comfort™ Technology: The Lennox gas furnaces we sell are silent. And we mean silent! In most cases, they are up to 7 times quieter than the competition. But why install a quiet gas furnace in your Ottawa home? Because loud furnaces are an annoyance.

Plus, all Lennox furnaces are compatible with their programmable Wi-Fi thermostats, which allow you to set the temperature in your home from your phone or tablet.

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Reliable Home Environment’s Service Promise

Reliable Protection PlansWe have fantastic service. When we asked Lennox what our customers thought of our service, they told us that we had the highest satisfaction rate amongst all their HVAC dealers in Canada.

Our customers think we’re the best at what we do. So when you get your Ottawa gas furnace installed or serviced by our certified technicians, you’re bound to get excellent customer support.

With Reliable Home Environment, you’ll never be surprised by your bill. The estimate you approve is exactly the price you’ll pay, every time. We don’t subcontract, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting our top-quality service people.

We’ll never charge you for something you don’t need, and we’ll always we honest with you. That’s our promise.

Furnace Protection Plans for Maximum Security

And once you have your new gas furnace in your Ottawa home, you may want to make sure that it’s covered by one of our furnace protection plans. We offer these plans to help our customers feel at ease with their new purchase.

Depending on the plan you choose, your furnace will be covered for replacement parts and labour, 24-hour emergency service, and a complete check up.

These plans add value to your furnace set up while increasing your peace of mind.