My Furnace Was Just Red Tagged. Now What Do I Do?

It is no secret that furnace repairs or replacement can be a major expense. However, a second opinion may save you thousands of dollars and reassure you that you are making the right decision for your family’s home comfort and safety. Our certified technicians will arrive quickly and bring heaters to ensure your warmth and comfort while we inspect and confirm the information on your warning notice.

At Reliable Home Environment, our customers are our friends and neighbours. Top-rated and trusted in Ottawa, we want you to feel fully informed to make the right decisions for your home and your family’s comfort.

Red Tag Pad

A warning tag, commonly known as a “red tag,” may be applied to your home’s furnace or any other gas appliance. Essentially it is an official notice alerting you, the homeowner, and anyone working with the furnace that it is unsafe and may present a hazard.

If a licensed gas technician finds a gas appliance in unacceptable condition, they must red tag it. The technician’s license is at risk if they fail to do so.  However, a second opinion may determine that the appliance’s condition is not so unacceptable.

That’s right. It may come down to a judgment call. If you have doubts about the technician’s determination, you may want to bring in a second opinion. Perhaps your furnace was recently serviced, or you feel that the technician did not do a thorough combustion analysis. These are perfectly valid reasons to question the technician’s assessment.

In most cases, the technician inspecting your furnace is fully accredited by the TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority) and is well-trained to make the best decision when applying a warning tag. However, some less-than-reputable operators out there engage in nefarious practices. They may even hire less scrupulous technicians motivated by sales incentives.

Some of these companies have unusually high ratios of condemning furnaces. Surely, these cases are few and far between, but they do happen. Therefore, we recommend enlisting a second opinion if your furnace has been red-tagged.

In the province of Ontario, a warning tag will reflect one of two categories, Type A and Type B.

  • A Type A warning tag indicates that the appliance or related work presents an immediately hazardous situation. The gas supply to the furnace will be disconnected right away, and a notice of the warning sent to the gas company. The furnace may not be operated until the problem is rectified and the situation is safe. Your safety is a legitimate concern in this situation, as some serious furnace problems may cause deadly carbon monoxide to spread throughout your home.
  • A Type B warning tag may indicate that the furnace is in unacceptable condition. However, it does not present an immediate safety hazard. The situation must be corrected before the expiry date noted on the tag, or the gas to the appliance will be disconnected. These issues are a little less serious but must be addressed promptly.

If your furnace has been red tagged, put your mind at ease by calling Reliable Home Environment for a second opinion.