Reliable Home Integrity Pricing

10 Year Warranty GuaranteedWe believe in honesty and transparency in all aspects of our day to day operations here at Reliable Home Environment.

When it comes to pricing, we have engineered our prices. Most contractors either just “wing it” or they’ll match or beat a competitor’s price in order to get the job… but where does that leave you? Are they really going to give you a quality installation and have they charged enough to be in business in 5 or 10 years in order to honor your warranty?

The reason we’ve spent so much time and effort on our pricing is because we are fully aware of the delicate balance between having a price that is low enough to be competitive, yet high enough to manage our everyday costs of overhead, staff, and insurances, and to maintain our exceptional level of customer service during both the daytime and after-hours.

In other words…

We have a method of sustaining our growth, and your new furnace and air conditioner for the duration of the 12 year warranty and beyond.

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We promise:

  • To provide you with straight-forward pricing that shows you exactly what you’re paying for, rather than building everything into a base price and saying those other things are “included” or “free”
  • To spend as much time with you so you can learn exactly what is involved in your installation and after
  • To deliver honest, no haggle, no hassle year round pricing that doesn’t change with the weather.
  • To provide the same price whether you’re planning your purchase, or reacting to an emergency. If we happen to be seeing you after-hours, or we are installing your new furnace on a Saturday or Sunday, there are NO extra costs to you – it is not your fault that your old furnace or air conditioner failed at an inconvenient time.
  • To provide you with our lowest possible price for the kind of installation that does not compromise on quality
  • To install only top tier equipment with top quality materials
  • To deliver the highest level of workmanship and service throughout the lifetime of your new heating and cooling system
  • To install your new system with qualified, certified, and fully insured technicians
  • To help you understand your home’s heating, cooling, and indoor air quality system
  • To guide you through the buying process with ease and complete disclosure