Ductless Air Conditioning

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning in Ottawa?

Mini Split SystemsIf your home does not have a functioning duct system, or if that duct system is not efficient enough to circulate air throughout your home effectively, a central air conditioning system will not be compatible with your household.

Instead, consider ductless air conditioning for your Ottawa home.

Also known as a mini-split air conditioner, ductless air conditioners were invented in Japan and use special heat pumps to deliver heat directly to specific rooms in your house.

They work by separating the condenser and the air-handling unit. The small condenser sits on the side of your house and is connected by a series of pipes to each air handling unit.

These units dispense cool air directly into your rooms without going through the ducts.

Ductless air conditioning offers several advantages to homeowners.

1) Ductless Air Conditioning Smaller than Central Air Units

Ductless in a RoomDuctless air conditioners are quite a bit smaller than bulky central air units. Usually, they are small enough to be mounted directly to the side of your house.

For many, a massive central air conditioning unit is unsightly. Though central units can often be tucked out of sight, efforts to hide the unit itself on smaller estates may prove ineffective.

2) Energy Efficient

Because they offer a more direct connection from one point to another, ductless air conditioning loses less cool air than central air conditioners.

With central air conditioners, faulty ductwork can leak cool air into environments where it is not needed, hurting the system’s efficiency.

Not so with ductless air conditioners!

Ductless air conditioners are also more efficient than window units and are designed to cool only small areas. Window units that are stretched beyond their capacity become less efficient.

3) Best Duct-Free Cooling

When compared to window units, ductless air conditioners have several clear advantages. First, they can cool every area of your house effectively. Window units are generally not powerful enough to do that, even if you buy several.

Second, window units require a window. This limits their placement options significantly. By contrast, ductless air conditioners feature air handling units that can be placed anywhere throughout your home.

Finally, as noted above, ductless air conditioners are more energy-efficient than window units.


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