March 6, 2019

What are the Differences Between Old and New Furnaces?

During the last few decades, the heating and cooling industry has seen many advances. These advances have brought about differences between old and new furnaces. These differences affect everything from how evenly the systems heat to how much fuel they use to function. At Reliable Home Environment, we can install a new furnace for you.

Basic Changes in Heating Equipment

Today’s furnaces heat homes more evenly and efficiently than older models. To make this happen, new units blow more air over the heat exchanger. Older furnaces sometimes use expensive sources of fuel to heat a house. Gas is the least expensive energy source, and it’s also the most efficient option.

New Heating Technology

While furnaces mainly operate in the same way, there are new technologies that allow them to run more efficiently. For instance, new furnaces come with a variable-speed air handler. Old furnaces with old handlers run at just one speed, but with a variable-speed air handler, a new furnace is able to operate at different speeds based on the unit’s airflow requirements. Along with saving energy, this feature makes the system run more quietly.

Dual-stage heating is another new furnace technology. Furnaces with old technology run at full capacity, but heating units that have dual-stage heating feature a high setting and a low one. They use their low setting about 75 percent of the time, which saves a lot of energy, while the high setting activates only when the exterior temperatures are extremely cold.

Old Furnaces Vent Differently than New Ones

Another major difference between old and new furnaces is how they vent combustion gas. Old heating systems release their gases from vertical vents that extend out from the roof. New, more efficient furnaces use more of the heat from the gas they consume. This means that they require a different venting process, one that involves the use of PVC pipes that extend out from the side of the home.

Living More Comfortably

We know that installing a new furnace is a big decision because it’s a significant investment. If your old one just doesn’t seem to be working so well, however, then investing in a new one is likely to improve the interior temperatures of your house while lowering your energy bill.

When you’re ready to discuss your options, Reliable Home Environment is here to help. We serve customers in the Ottawa area with heating repair, maintenance, and installation. Contact us today to learn more.

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