March 16, 2019

3 Ways to Stay Warm When Your Heater Stops Working

If your furnace or heating system breaks down in the winter, then you need to find a way to stay warm. A furnace breakdown can happen at any time. However, it seems to always occur at the worst moment. There are a few things you can do to keep your home warm until a professional technician can inspect your system.

Check Your Doors and Windows

Heat can escape from improperly sealed doors and windows. Therefore, you’ll want to go around your home and seal these areas. Doorways are another area to check. Cold air can come into your house from the frame and under your door. If you feel a draft, you can easily fix this by placing a towel at the bottom of the door.

Close Off Unused Rooms

If you have any unused rooms, you need to close those areas off to everyone. This will help you to create a barrier between the cold air and your main living space. Drapes are a great way to bring in warm sunlight during the day. If you’re looking for another suggestion, you need to stay in one central location in your home. You can even hang up blankets and sheets to keep the existing heat in the room.

Warm Up Your Home

If your heating system is broken, you can warm up the house in other ways. A fireplace is a great way to get some extra heat into your home. You can also start up your oven and bake some treats. The heat will warm up the kitchen and gradually make its way to the rest of the house. For safety reasons, you should never leave an unattended oven running during the day.

When you need a heating repair, you’ll want to find a heating company. At Reliable Home Environment in Nepean, ON, we have technicians who can help fix your system and get you out of the cold. In fact, we can handle all types of heater and air conditioning services. For emergency repair services in the Ottawa area, contact Reliable Home Environment today.

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