February 19, 2019

Signs That You Might Need an HVAC Repair

A well-serviced heating and cooling system is an important aspect of your home environment. If the system has challenges, your whole family will be at risk of poor indoor air quality, extremes of cold or heat and other problems. Here are the some of the signs to look out for. These symptoms could indicate a need for professional attention.

Unusual Sounds or Odours

A well-maintained system hums harmlessly in the background. Any other sound coming from the system could signal a problem. Typical sounds that require attention include squeaking, rattling, and whistling. The most common cause is a loose, broken or worn-out part. Those noises indicate it’s time for repairs. The same applies to unusual odours such as smoke or gas.

Poor Indoor Environment

If you have a set home environment, the system should comfortably maintain your parameters. When the equipment has trouble doing so, you need to seriously consider seeking professional assistance. Is the system providing adequate warmth or cooling to your home? If not, consult a reputable HVAC company.

An Aging System

Typically, an HVAC system will serve you for 10 to15 years. With proper maintenance, it might last longer. Once the system hits its 10th birthday, you have to do all regular repairs without fail. If your system is breaking down often, you may need to replace it.

Galloping Utility Bills

Heating and cooling services consume at least 30 percent of the overall energy costs for a home. Any changes to this bill should be noticeable. If the bills escalate beyond the normal range, it can signal a defective and wasteful system. Repair it as soon as possible.

If residents of Ottawa spot any of these signs, they can contact us at Reliable Home Environment for conscientious and dependable HVAC repairs. Our company offers 24/7 support for emergencies, and we deal with all aspects of heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair. You can also turn to us for indoor air quality concerns. Don’t hesitate to call us if you see, feel or hear anything suspicious.

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