July 30, 2022

6 Great Reasons to Choose a Local HVAC Company Over a National Giant

While there are a variety of giant heating and cooling companies throughout Canada, there are many more hardworking independent HVAC companies, some right in your neighbourhood. Which one should you call? We may be a little biased, but we can think of a few important reasons to support small, independent HVAC companies.

Here are six great reasons to choose a local HVAC company over a national giant:

  1. We’re your friends & neighbours. We’re not some giant conglomerate owned by a Chinese billionaire. When you choose companies like Reliable Home Environment, you keep your friends, family & neighbours employed, and your money stays in the community.
  2. Not only are we asking you to support your community, but we do too! Local businesses like Reliable Home Environment put our money where our mouth is. We buy our supplies locally, support local organizations, sponsor little league teams and more. The taxes we pay also stay in Canada, contributing to the economy.
  3. One of the perks of choosing a local company is local knowledge. Your local HVAC technician knows the weather conditions your system must deal with and is better equipped to deal with your questions. Little guys like us know the energy costs in your area and which options, whether gas, propane or electric, are the better move for you.
  4. You’ll get better service from a local company. Our clients genuinely matter to us; you’re more than just an account number. We care about what is best for you, not just our bottom line. As a small business, our reputation can make or break our business. We need each and every client to be completely satisfied with their service to ensure our survival. We can’t rely on expensive national ad campaigns to bolster our reputation. Another benefit of hiring a small, local firm – we have fewer staff, which means we can be more selective when hiring. Our employees are also our local neighbours, leading to a solid corporate culture and accountability to our customers.
  5. You’ll get better pricing from a local provider. Because we don’t have to kick money up the chain to global head office, our expenses are lower. This allows us to offer you competitive pricing. Because we have personal relationships with our suppliers, we can often get better deals, which we pass on to our customers.
  6. We’re faster than they are! Our technicians all live nearby. When you have an emergency in the middle of the night, we promise to be there within 2 HOURS! We’ll even bring space heaters to keep your home warm while we fix your system.

We always support local and hope you will too. Thank you, Ottawa, for supporting our family-owned small business throughout the last 15 years. We’ll always be here when you need us! Here at Reliable Home Environment, we love our community, and we especially love our customers. To us, it’s a lifelong relationship.

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