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It’s Important to Get your Heat Exchanger Checked Each Year, Here’s Why

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Cracked Heat Exchanger

It’s almost a week after Christmas and winter has finally struck in Ottawa. If you haven’t had your heat exchanger checked yet this year, or don’t know what it is or why it should be checked, Reliable is the right contractor to call.

When your furnace warms air after being turned on, the gasses resulting from combustion are poisonous and contain carbon monoxide. The heat exchanger in the furnace keeps this toxic air contained while the heat is transferred to the air in your home. The heat exchanger is therefore one of the most important (and expensive) parts in your furnace. Much like your car and your health, you should be arranging an annual check-up to make sure your furnace and heat exchanger are in good condition, safe and working properly. As the metal in the heat exchanger is constantly expanding and contracting, eventually the exchanger will wear and eventually crack (see image). How many times can you bend a pen clip before it breaks? The same thing happens to your heat exchanger, eventually, after years of use, it will crack or a hole will appear.

During a Reliable furnace tune-up, our technician will inspect and clean your burner and heat exchanger. A cleaner system will transfer heat more effectively, make your furnace more efficient and burn less fuel. This will save you money on your heating costs.

During the annual furnace cleaning and tune-up, your Reliable technician will also replace your air filter. A cleaner air filter makes it easier for your furnace to suck in the cold air. Think about how much easier it is to breathe normally, as opposed to breathing through a thick blanket.

Finally during a regular tune-up, your technician will complete more than 20 other tests to ensure that there are no other serious performance issues with the appliance. They will provide you with a detailed report of their findings as a part of our service. This will most likely let your technician find any problem that exist before they leave you with no heat now that winter is here.

If you haven’t had you heat exchanger and furnace checked this winter, the Ottawa heating and cooling experts at Reliable are now offering a $105 (+HST) special.

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By John van der Heyden Dec 29, 2015