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Before and After Gallery

At Reliable we take great care when installing a new Lennox furnace, air conditioner or indoor air quality unit. We’re proud of our work and would like to show you some of our most recent projects.

Project 1

Oil to Gas | Dunrobin | Mar 09 16

Before + After

For this installation we had to remove an oil furnace and switch to a propane furnace. A job like this requires the oil tank to be drained and removed, and gas piping to be done from the propane tanks into the house and to the furnace. The ductwork had to be redone in a few spots to  line up with the furnace. A condensate pump also had to be run as this new furnace is a condensing furnace, and the old oil one was not.

Project 2

Hot water heater | Kanata | Jan 15 16

Before + After

In this instance, we switched out an older style power vented hot water tank with a newer, quieter model. We upgraded the venting to make sure the job was compliant with the current gas code.

Project 3

Furnace Install | Barrhaven | Mar 22 16

Before + After

Here you can see we switched out an older style Lennox Furnace for a new high efficiency Lennox furnace. As you can see in the second photo, we use a hard pipe for the furnace condensate drain, instead of plastic tubing. Using this means that the drain line won’t even be kinked or squashed, which can happen when you use plastic or vinyl tubing.  A person can safely step on it without breaking or kinking the drain.

Project 4

Furnace Install | Nepean | Mar 21 16

Before + After

The old furnace was original to the home and was a “builder’s grade” model. These units are typically noisy and installed in haste leaving a poor overall job. Once again, this is done by subcontractors who are rushing to get the job done. Our team is paid with two things in mind, quality of the install and the homeowners satisfaction. These are two very polar views on an installation method and when you are installing a quality piece of equipment,  there is only one choice for your installation!

Project 5

Furnace Install | Riverside South | Mar 14 16

Before + After

This particular install, we upgraded from a 15+ year old single stage Lennox furnace to a two stage Lennox furnace. We had to redo some of the ductwork, as the new furnace is much smaller than the original furnace. We installed a new filter rack designed for 5″ thick filters. The venting was also redone.

Project 6

Furnace Install | Barrhaven | Mar 18 16

Before + After

With this install you can clearly see the difference between the plastic tubing and our hard piped drain. The hard pipe gives a nice, clean line, rather than the tubing which seems to just hang there, and over time will kink.