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New Home Air Conditioner

5 Things You Need To Know About A New Home Air Conditioner

Be careful that your new installer is not just an installer. There are many things to consider when you buy an air conditioner that new homeowners may overlook, if you plan to live in your home for many years, a poorly chosen air conditioner may cause many issues in terms of the noise level, energy consumption and poor cooling effects. To prevent this, you need to start the AC buying process with our handy checklist to find the right company to do it properly.

Get an AC that is right for your specific needs
A professional AC company should send a Home Comfort Advisor to help you select the right AC for your specific needs and to size it properly, taking detailed notes to ensure your install is done perfectly. They will also take the time to understand your needs and be as considerate as possible to your home.

Get the right installation from day one
You need a licensed, qualified, factory-trained group of technicians to install it for you based on every consideration to you, the homeowner. They will also show you how to maximize the use of your new AC unit in your home. This is a large purchase for you and they will guarantee the best positive outcome for the long run.

Know the limitations of an “install only” company
You need a company that has a dedicated team of service technicians to get you up and running when you need them. Some “install only” companies will not have the ability to manage their inbound calls because they are trying to install another “unserviceable” piece of equipment. They will call you when they can and this can leave you with no cooling for an unknown period of time. In our service division, we get calls every day from frustrated homeowners and the story is always the same, “I can’t get in touch with them and I need to get my AC up and running!”

Make sure you have access to emergency maintenance
You need an HVAC company that has staff available 24/7 to take your calls in an emergency situation. A company that does not hire a 3rd party call centre or uses a centralized dispatch in another major city other than Ottawa. This can create a disconnect that can become frustrating to homeowners. We offer the fastest service dispatch in the city of Ottawa.

Understand your warranty
Be careful to understand your warranties. All manufacturers REQUIRE an annual inspection to meet the criteria for parts warranty. An “install only” company will not tell you this because they don’t have a service division and therefore will not recommend annual maintenance. We see this time and time again and it’s like believing that you don’t have to change the oil in your new car and you still have warranty. Our service division has seen homeowners change three-year-old AC units because of a lack of maintenance, poor install set up and a failed compressor (a $1,200-$2,200 repair). The manufacturer will request a “Proof of Maintenance” and will deny any claim without one.

**SPECIAL NOTE: New home warranties by the builder can be refused by the HVAC contractor! If you get your AC installed by another company, you could be refused warranty care by the original HVAC installer. At Reliable Home Environment, we take over the warranty for you! We will create a profile on your account that will give you better warranty coverage than the original installer.

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