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9 Tips to Ensure Your Furnace and AC Runs at Peak Efficiency

Do you want your heating and cooling equipment to be more efficient, save energy and last longer than ever before? It’s important to have your equipment inspected, serviced and maintained annually by a TSSA-licensed, professionally qualified technician.

Here’s 9 tips to ensure your Lennox equipment runs smoothly:Technical Showing a Woman a Clean Furnace Filter

  1. Replace your 1” filters monthly, and 4” to 6” filters four times a year.
  2. Clean your humidifier regularly and unplug when not in use.
  3. Inspect heat pumps, oil furnaces and boilers annually.
  4. Inspect gas furnaces every year.
  5. Lubricate, clean and adjust your furnace blower at least annually.
  6. Test your thermostats when required.
  7. Clean your ducts every three or four years to reduce pollutants and allergens.
  8. Open all registers and ensure they allow proper airflow.
  9. Wash the air conditioner condenser coil in the spring so it runs cooler.

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By John van der Heyden Feb 28, 2017 ,